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With our Resident Permit and Visa department, we are able to offer you resident permits and visa in more than 50 countries across the world. There is just no need for you to be struggling to get all sought of document to present to people who have no intention to give you a fair hearing. All they want to do is reject your permit or visa application before they even look for reasons. 

Contact us today for a new beginning. Wanting to travel for studies, work business or any other reason. Want to relocate alone or with your family? thats child play for us. Have issues in one country and you are looking for another countries from where you can be free from all sought of extradition treaties, contact us and we will get everything done for you.

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    Legal Documents LTD is an offshore registered companies which specialise in the issue of Replica Documents. We issue passport, Graduation certificates, President permits and other documents.
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