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Thanks for taking interest in our services. We have Passports for sale of more than thirty five countries in the world and the list keeps increasing. Contact us today and lets discuss your needs. Before we add a passport in our product list, we are surte of the following.

  • We are able to produce the passport with all security features of those issued by the legitimate authorites.
  • We are able to enter the information of the clients into the official database.
  • We have a story which will fit into every situation.
  • We have guarantees that you are able to renew your passport with the legitimate issuing authories if your passport expires or gets missing. 

The passports we issue are exacty like those of the issuing authorities. No eye of machine can detect any difference between the passport we have issued and any one issued by the legal office. 

Contact us today for all your passport needs. We are on standby to talk to you. Tell us the passport you need and we produce it for you. If you need a passport we do not yet issue, we are very convinced we will be able to offer you acceptable alternative.


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    Legal Documents LTD is an offshore registered companies which specialise in the issue of Replica Documents. We issue passport, Graduation certificates, President permits and other documents.
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