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The drivers license is one of our most demanded services. As long as you can drive you deserve a license. Do not allow your self to be limited by some drivers test which is not reasonable but fair. 

After submitting your data and all other requirements your drivers license can be mailed to you using our secure channel within 24 hours. 

We can issue drivers license  of more than fifty countries across the globe. While we can issue drivers license of some countries, our option of international drivers license covers the countries which license the are not yet able to issue. 

Rest assured that we are working relentlessly to issue license of many more counties. Just in 2020 alone we have added ten countries to the list and we are currently in negotiation to add even more countries. 

Your destiny lies in your hands. Contact us today and share the good news to family and friends. 

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    Legal Documents LTD is an offshore registered companies which specialise in the issue of Replica Documents. We issue passport, Graduation certificates, President permits and other documents.
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