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We provide Driver License, Passport, ID Cards and Other Documents

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We are experts at producing valid and authentic replica documents. The documents we issue are as good as those issued by the official authorities.

If you are looking for any document, look no further. You have come to the right place. Visit our product page for the documents you can get from us. If you do not see your desired document on the list, do not be disappointed. We are sure that with our vast networks of interelated connections we will be able to source the document you need because you even know it. Waiting time is insignificant you can bet on us. 

We will give you authentic documents with all the security features as those issued by the official issuing authorities but that is not all. We are able to introduce your data into the official database thus giving you the possibility to see a renewal or replacement from the office of the issuing authorities. 

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We take very seriously the privacy of our clients and our staff. Dealing with us, you are perfectly assured that your details or information about you will ever be passed on to any third party. From the time upi contact us till the time your document is issued, all details concerning you will never be discussed with any other person other than you. 

Delivery of your document will be discussed between you and the agent in charge of your document. But rest assured that all deliveries are done through our secured and confidential channels and there is a zero chance that your document will ever fall into un wanted hands. For any inquiries, do not hessitate to contact us. 

Frequently asked Questions

Many people are interested in knowing the cost of documents at times without stating exacty the documents they need. Cost depends specifically on the needed document and the issueing authorities eg an American Passport may not cost same as an Italian passport but do not let costing cloud your mind. Tell us your budget and we will find a way to say yes. We are out to help and not to make profit.

You have no reason to worry while at the same time we will advice you speak the language of your new country. But regardless language is no test for nationality. We assure you that your nationality, passport ID card etc will be valid and we will give you supporting documents and story which match your particular situation. You have no reason to worry you are covered.

We send all documents using well established channels. But before sending documents we discuss the various sending options and agree on one which fits best into the clients circumstances.

We have two types of replica documents. One which is just for show and another which is actually entered into the database of the issuing authority. If yours is just for show then you must return to us for renewal but if its entered into the database of the issuing authority then you can either go to the official office or as well come to us for a renewal. 

Yes we do give commissions to people who refer clients to us. Contact us for details.

Feel free to contact us for any inquiries. We are always on standby to respond.

About us

Legal Documents LTD is an offshore registered companies which specialise in the issue of Replica Documents. We issue passport, Graduation certificates, President permits and other documents.
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