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Frequently Asked Questions

How soon can I get my documents

This depends on several factors but usually you get it within 72 hours and for express documents you get in less than 24 hours.

Can I use the documents without worry?

Oh yes. If you want to use the documents we provide officially, do let us know. We will introduce the information into the official database. In addition, we will give you all necessary supporting documents. Contact us for details. We offer free consultations.

Is my data safe with you?

Absolutely very safe. Your data is 100% safe with us and inscribed. Under no circumstances will your information ever be given to any third parties. Count on us for data protection 100%. Our system is also hack free.

How much do I pay for documents?

This depends on the document you need and other factions as well. Please contact us using our contact page and a member from customer service will discuss all details with you.

Can I change document information after it has been issued?

Yes sure you can. But you will have to pay at a discount rate. For us to be sure you are changing the details, you may have to send back the original documents.

How do I get my documents

Your documents are sent to you expressly using our secure logistics delivery services. Same day delivery is available if you live in a city.

What do I do if i loose my document(s)

If you loose your documents, contact us immediately for new ones to be issued. NB: its always good to store copies of your documents electronically. In this case its easier for new ones to be issued.

Do I get a commission if I refer a client to you?

Yes you get a 10% commission for the first client you refer and 15% commission for subsequent clients.

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